Technology Enthusiasts

We build advanced e-commerce and robust micro-services APIs to create superior customer journeys

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Young & Dynamic Organisation

We are a small team of dedicated professionals building advanced technology solutionss.

Small and Dynamic Teams

We are a small family located across 4 locations working together to create solid solutions for advanced e-commerce and transactional applications. 

Experience Matters

With several decades experience amoung our teams members we are experts working with passion on solutions that matters for us. 

Technology Freedom

Transparent, Powerful & 100 Open Source

We belive in technological freedom and independence

Made with Passion

We care about our work and deliver with passion


Our code is reusable across any system


We build precise features


Noumerous APIs build our eco-system

Build on sucess

We share experience between projects

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89 O’Connell Street
Limerick , Ireland

P: +353 1 6971498